Apache Design Totem Power and Noise Integrity Platform

Totem, from Apache Design Solutions, is an integrated power and noise integrity platform. Totem addresses the challenges associated with global couplings of power/ground noise, substrate noise, and package / PCB capacitive and inductive noise, for analog, mixed-signal, memory, and high-speed I/O designs. Totem features transistor-level noise injection, parasitics extraction, package modeling, dynamic analysis, and design debug in a single-flow environment. Totem is available now with list price starting at $250,000 USD.

Totem Power-Noise-Reliability (PNR) platform for analog, mixed-signal, memory, and high-speed I/O designs - Apache Design Solutions

Totem features concurrent analysis of noise propagation through the power delivery network, substrate network, and package/PCB parasitics. It analyzes noise coupling effects at every time-point using a single-kernel solver. Totemy enables designers to account for all global noise impacts on their designs, a critical challenge for post submicron mixed-signal SoCs.

Totem is a full-chip layout-driven analysis solution integrated with existing analog environments. It provides cross-probing of analysis results with industry standard circuit design tools for efficient debugging, fixing, and optimization. Designers can use Totem for early stage prototyping to guide their power network and package design. In addition, Totem can be used for chip sign-off and post-silicon debug.

More info: Totem for Analog Power Noise Reliability