OCP-IP SystemC TLM Kit for OCP

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) announced the SystemC TLM kit for OCP. The kit leverages OSCI 2.0 for all levels of abstraction and now includes TL4 which is equivalent to OSCI’s “loosely-timed” (LT) level. TL1 is fully cycle-accurate, including support for clock cycle synchronization and combinatorial paths. TL2 handles intra-burst timing. TL3 and TL4: inter-burst or no timing, equivalent to OSCI’s Base Protocol. The kit is free as part of OCP-IP membership entitlement and will save users hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in development, documentation, and training cost which would be required to develop such kits independently. The new kit includes everything needed for immediate use.

More info: OCP-IP