Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect

Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA), from Mentor Graphics, enables AUTOSAR-based system and embedded software design with support for FlexRay, CAN, and LIN network design. VSA facilitates the use of standard interfaces and components based on AUTOSAR. VSA is the first member of Mentor Graphics’ AUTOSAR product family. The tool uses a model-driven design process and supports the AUTOSAR standard. Automotive companies can reduce development costs by moving decisions and verification tasks to the front end of the design cycle.

Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA) - Mentor Graphics

Volcano VSA enables engineers to design, explore, and compare electronic and software architectures. Designers can take advantage of “correct-by-construction” design methodology and reduce reliance on test-oriented validation approaches. VSA supports multi-partner, distributed iterative development enabling greater interaction between OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect is based on the open-source, plug and play, Eclipse Integrated Development Environment. VSA can be extended by uers and other tool suppliers.

Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect Features

  • SW architecture design – define SW components and compositions
  • HW architecture design – define ECUs, networks, sensors and actuators
  • Integration with industry-standard configuration management systems
  • Scripting language support provides implementation of consistency checks or custom operations
  • Consistency checks help ensure consistency of design data, both at the component and system level
  • True AUTOSAR compliance – VSA supports the full AUTOSAR metamodel and its formats
  • Captures system-level timing requirements by incorporating TIMMO elements within the AUTOSAR objects of the design
  • User-configurable organization of design data maximizes reuse of existing objects
  • Powerful merge feature allows combined design data to be edited in various locations
  • Generates AUTOSAR ECU extract and other AUTOSAR standard files
  • Supports the ODX diagnostics exchange format
  • Open, flexible, Eclipse-based platform enables creation of design environment tailored to individual needs

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