Real Time Developer Studio 4.0

PragmaDev announced Real Time Developer Studio (RTDS) V4.0. RTDS 4.0 is a model driven development tool for real time and embedded software based on international standards. RTDS v4 features over 20 new features.

RTDS V4.0 New Features

  • Testing
    RTDS now supports standard testing TTCN-3 core language. Test suites can be simulated against the model with the same level of debug. Breakpoints and steps can be done in the model or in the test suite. The verdicts are displayed in the execution trace.
  • Prototyping interface
    A prototyping interface can be designed within the tool and is automatically connected to the simulator or the debugger. This eases model testing and can be used for model validation.
  • Built-in scheduler
    Part or all of the system can be executed in a single RTOS task or on a bare target. That allows for example all the instances of one process to be executed in one RTOS task.
  • XMI import
    UML models can be imported with the new XMI import module.

More info: PragmaDev