The MathWorks Vehicle Network Toolbox

Vehicle Network Toolbox, from The MathWorks, directly connects MATLAB to a vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN). The tool eliminates the need for additional connectivity tools. Vehicle Network Toolbox is a powerful environment for streamlining test, verification, and analysis activities. Vehicle Network Toolbox is available immediately for the Microsoft Windows platform. U.S. list prices start at $1000.

The MathWorks Vehicle Network Toolbox

Vehicle Network Toolbox Features

  • MATLAB functions for transmitting and receiving CAN packets
  • CAN communication blocks for connecting a CAN bus to a Simulink model
  • Bit packing and unpacking functions and blocks for simplified encoding and decoding of CAN messages
  • Message traffic GUI for visualizing live CAN network traffic
  • Ability to filter and log CAN messages
  • Support for Vector interface hardware and Vector CAN database (.dbc) files

Vehicle Network Toolbox is ideal for automotive engineers working on simulations, test cells, and prototype vehicles. MATLAB combines data acquisition capabilities with design and analysis capabilities, saving time and providing a more efficient workflow.

More info: Vehicle Network Toolbox 1.0