Renesas, CoWare to Accelerate Deployment of SH-based Virtual Platforms

Renesas and CoWare are teaming together to develop a Renesas-verified, high-speed model of the SH-4A processor core. They will also partner for single- and multi-core reference virtual platforms. The verified SH-4A model and reference virtual platform will be available later this quarter. The model and reference virtual platforms will support all CoWare software development capabilities including high-speed simulation, synchronized multi-core debugging and platform analysis and checkpoint restart.

Collaboration Highlights

  • Development of a verified SH-4A high-speed model and single and dual-core virtual platforms
  • Focus on the next-generation EXREAL, SH-Navi and SH-Mobile platforms
  • Joint go-to-market alignment to serve Renesas system users

Initially, Renesas and CoWare will focus on enabling the next-generation multi-Core EXREAL, SH-Navi and SH-Mobile platforms. The joint development and go-to-market alignment will result in reduced development costs, improved developer productivity, optimized system for reduced bills of material (BOM), and faster time-to-market for designers.

CoWare virtual platforms are the virtualized representation of an electronic system used for the purpose of software development. It removes the dependency on the availability of expensive hardware prototypes and development test benches and provides cost-effective software development capabilities for debugging and analysis.

More info: CoWare | Renesas