EMA Design Automation Acquires DesignAdvance

EMA Design Automation has acquired DesignAdvance. The acquisition includes patented technology developed by both DesignAdvance and Carnegie Mellon University. EMA Design Automation has also hired the key people responsible for creating and enhancing the DesignAdvance products — including Chandan Aladahalli, Ph.D., lead scientist and cofounder of DesignAdvance. This will enable EMA to continue the development of the three DesignAdvance products – CircuitSpace, CircuitProbe, and CircuitPlan.

CircuitSpace implements a hierarchical approach to printed circuit board design through enhanced Autoclustering and replication technologies. CircuitSpace also expedites the design process through the use of template generation for global library usage across divisions, template usage with and without etch, automated layout reference designator propagation, and automated change report between layout designs. Because CircuitSpace is accessed through an add-on menu within the Cadence Allegro PCB Editor, it is very easy to integrate these capabilities into a design flow.

The acquisition also includes CircuitProbe and the CircuitPlan tool. CircuitProbe offers cross-probing between the Cadence Allegro PCB editor or viewer and a PDF schematic. CircuitPlan is a tool that provides the industry’s first solution that offers true planning, feasibility and design collaboration from concept level planning through physical design and test. CircuitPlan leverages DesignAdvance’s patented technologies such as Autoclustering, intelligent design (IP) reuse, and cross-probing with powerful floor planning and collaboration capabilities.

More info: EMA Design Automation