eCROS Software Development Platform Supports Fujitsu MB86R01 LSI

eCROS software development platform, from eSOL, now supports MB86R01 LSI from Fujitsu Microelectronics. The MB86R01 LSI is used for creating high-end automotive applications such as car navigation systems and digital instrument clusters. eCROS features a T-Kernel/µITRON4.0-based real time operating system (RTOS), middleware, development tools, and optional professional services. eCROS helps automotive engineers develop MB86R01-based upper-layer applications. eCROS reduces the time and cost of preparing software development platform. eCROS for MB86R01 is available now for selected platforms.

eCROS eliminates the labor intensive process of building a custom software platform for application development. eCROS offers a variety of RTOS lines ranging from small, compact versions to sophisticated, multi-core-compliant operating systems. The eCROS platform is based on eSOL’s eT-Kernel/Compact, which is a fine-tuned, small-footprint commercial T-Kernel (T-Engine standard RTOS). BSP drop-in support is also available. USB host/device stacks, SD drivers, and other middleware that support MB86R01-based controllers are also available.

Fujitsu’s MB86R01 LSI is optimized for next-generation in-car systems and infotainment application development. MB86R01 integrates the ARM 32-bit ARM926EJ-S CPU core. Fujitsu’s automotive 2D/3D graphics controller is embedded on the chip. MB86R01 also includes various on-board peripherals for high-end embedded automotive graphics applications on a single chip, including parallel ATA, SD-Card, CAN, Media LB, and USB2.0 (host and function). Other features include dual display output, dual digital video input, and six layers of overlaid displays. Code encryption functions that prevent programs from being read or falsified are also included.

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