Coverity Integrity Center

The new Coverity Integrity Center is designed for companies that want to reduce product failures and recalls caused by software problems, to make software changes faster and with less risk, and to achieve breakthroughs in product innovation through highly efficient development. The Coverity Integrity Center features a full set of precision software analysis products in a single offer. The combination enables customers to identify and eliminate the root cause of software problems during the design, code, build, and test phases of software development.

The Coverity Integrity Center is ideal for architects, developers, build engineers, and quality and delivery teams. Coverity’s new offering will benefit organizations that employ agile or waterfall methodologies, regardless of whether their development environment is centralized or highly distributed.

Coverity Integrity Center Highlights

  • Architecture Analysis
    Analyze software design to ensure changes can be made with less risk and components can be easily reused for maximum business agility. Use architectural visualization and enforcement to identify hidden security backdoors that can cause costly breaches and data losses.
  • Static Analysis
    Analyze source code for defects that can cause product delays or recalls. Expose security flaws early in the lifecycle so security audit teams don’t slow developers with expensive rework or slow them from working on product innovation.
  • Build Analysis
    Analyze software builds to identify problems and inefficiencies in the assembly of software that can cause costly product delays. Ensure that all open source components in the final product are documented and secure.
  • Dynamic Analysis
    Analyze applications as they execute in test environments to identify complex concurrency defects in multi-threaded applications and other crash causing software problems that can cause major delays in testing and delivery.

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