Coverity Build Analysis

Coverity Build Analysis is a new precision software analysis module. The new tool is part of the Coverity Integrity Center. The analysis module enables developers, build engineers, and security teams to reduce time and money caused by inefficient and inaccurate build systems during software development. Coverity Build Analysis automatically scans software builds to help companies eliminate quality, security, and compliance problems that can threaten to delay the delivery of products to market.

Coverity Build Analysis Features

  • Improve Software Quality
    Automatically identify the source of defects that occur due to improper or accidental inclusion of wrong object files
  • Reduce Wasted Time
    Recapture productivity lost due to unnecessary build bottlenecks such as broken make files or redundant and long running processes
  • Prevent Security Risks
    Halt the introduction of malicious or unintentional vulnerabilities through software components or open source packages that may contain known security problems
  • Stop Compliance Violations
    Put an end to the creep of compliance violations caused by the lack of visibility in the assembly process with a comprehensive ‘bill of materials’ that confirms the version and origin of all internal and open source code in your product

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