Quickfilter QF Audio Dragon Docking Station Reference Design

The Quickfilter QF Audio Dragon docking station reference design contains all the required electronics to implement a high quality, low-cost docking station. The reference design includes equalization filters, microcontroller firmware, schematics, BOM, and layout files. Docking station manufacturers can customize the reference design by adding speakers, custom designed equalization filters (using QFPro1Da software), and plastic enclosures. The QF-Audio Dragon reference design is built around the Quickfilter QF1Da512 SavFIRe audio applications-specific single-chip FIR filter solution with integrated gain and compression.

Quickfilter QF1Da512 Reference Design for QF Audio Dragon docking station

The QF1Da512 SavFIRe and QFPro1Da Software enable systems designers to quickly and easily design equalization filters for audio applications. The chip provides an integrated solution including FIR filtering, built in gain and compression, and channel duplicate functions. The entire device is reprogrammable and can be controlled via a simple microcontroller. Combined with a codec or ADC/DAC combination, the device makes implementing an audio solution extremely easy and cost effective.

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