CoWare Long Term Evolution Library

CoWare introduced a reference library for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless standard. The CoWare LTE Library (Compliant to 3GPP LTE Release V8.5.0) runs on the ultra-fast CoWare Signal Processing Designer multi-threaded simulator. Pre-releases of the new CoWare LTE Library are already in production use by major operators, base station manufacturers and semiconductor companies worldwide.

The new CoWare LTE Library models the entire aspect of the physical layer between handsets and basestations. The effects of complex adaptive coding and modulation together with multi-input, multi-output antenna systems can be simulated under the conditions of defined mobility scenarios such as a high-speed train system. The LTE system performance is defined primarily through the achievable network speed per user and requires the simulation of the protocol feedback path between the handset and the basestation.

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