Digital Radio Mondiale Decoder on HiFi 2 Audio DSP

Tensilica is offering the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) decoder for their HiFi 2 Audio DSP. The implementation is based on software developed by Dolby and has passed Dolby’s certification procedure. As a result, Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio DSP core can be used to run all decoders required throughout the world for digital radio. Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio DSP also supports four other terrestrial and satellite standards: DAB, DAB+, HD Radio, and XM Radio. The DRM decoder is available now.

DRM can deliver FM-comparable sound quality on frequencies below 30 MHz (the bands currently reserved for AM broadcasting) for very long-distance signal propagation. It has the advantage of being able to fit more channels into a given amount of spectrum with higher quality because it employs digital audio compression rather than amplitude modulation techniques. DRM has been approved by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has approved its use throughout most of the world. Approval for ITU region 2 (North and South America and the Pacific) is pending.

More info: DRM | Tensilica