McObject eXtremeDB-KM for LynuxWorks BlueCat Embedded Linux

McObject has ported its eXtremeDB Kernel Mode (KM) embedded database to LynuxWorks’ BlueCat Embedded Linux 5.6 operating system. The combined solution accelerates the development of Linux-based time- and safety-critical applications ranging from personal carry-along medical devices to larger-scale clinical systems. eXtremeDB-KM on LynuxWorks’ open source BlueCat Embedded Linux platform is available now.

eXtremeDB-KM for BlueCat Embedded Linux Features

Real-time performance
By placing the DBMS in the kernel, eXtremeDB-KM runs an order of magnitude faster. BlueCat Embedded Linux’s pre-emptible kernel and advanced scheduler further enhance performance.

By moving to eXtremeDB-KM and BlueCat Embedded Linux from self-developed solutions, applications gain the stability of proven software components, supported by companies with long track records in embedded software.

Low overhead
Both eXtremeDB-KM and BlueCat Embedded Linux impose only modest overhead and provide configuration options to minimize RAM, CPU and power requirements.

Support for complex data
eXtremeDB-KM excels in representing complex data efficiently with its support for virtually all data types, including structures, arrays, vectors and BLOBs. Searches are optimized via the database’s wide range of available index types, including b-trees, hash tables, custom indexes and more.

Code re-usability
Both eXtremeDB-KM and BlueCat Embedded Linux are part of larger technology families that provide the opportunity to gain additional features while economically re-using code.

More info: McObject