Getting Started with Virtual Platforms Webinar

CoWare is offering a free webinar next week. The webcast is entitled, “Getting Started with Virtual Platforms: A Software Developer Perspective.” The 60-minute online seminar will take place Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 9 am Pacific time (12 noon Eastern time). Achim Nohl, Coware Principal Solution Specialist for Virtual Platform and Processor Design solutions, will be the presenter.

Virtual Platforms Webinar Summary
The ability to debug and analyze software defects efficiently is a key requirement in order to complete a software project successfully and on time. Especially when porting legacy software such as an OS or migrating sequential code to multi-core platforms, powerful debugging tools and methods are indispensable. This one hour webinar gives a technical overview and various practical examples on the usage of virtual platforms for debugging.

Virtual Platforms Webinar Topics

  • Overview of the debugging infrastructure provided by a virtual platform
  • Practical examples for applying virtual platforms for embedded software debugging based on real world software and hardware configurations
  • How the OS-aware analysis and debug framework can be used and customized to debug typical problems that appear during OS porting
  • How domain integration problems in an asymmetric, multi-processing platform can be identified
  • How virtual platforms can be used to debug shared memory communication problems based on a multi-core video driver
  • How virtual platforms can be used to spot an existing bug in the Linux kernel for the ARM11 MPcore configuration

More info: Getting Started with Virtual Platforms: A Software Developer Perspective