OpenSL ES 1.0 Specification for Mobile and Embedded Devices

The Khronos Group has released the OpenSL ES 1.0 specification. OpenSL ES is a royalty-free, cross-platform C-language API for high-performance, low-latency audio functionality on mobile and embedded devices. The OpenSL ES standard simplifies deployment of hardware and software audio capabilities across any platform or operating system and provides broad audio portability for application developers. The specifications are immediately available for download and may be used royalty-free by implementers and developers.

Khronos Group OpenSL ES

OpenSL ES Features

  • Royalty-free, open audio application API for embedded mobile multimedia devices
  • Suitable for both hardware and software implementations
  • Application-oriented “developer” API that standardizes access to advanced audio functionality:
    • Mandated audio format across platforms providing consistency for developers, with support for optional formats
    • Interactive music and ringtones using SP-MIDI, Mobile DLS, Mobile XMF
    • 3D positional audio provided for gaming using OpenGL ES
  • Cross-platform foundation for a wide range of higher-level audio APIs including: Mobile Media API (JSR-135); Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR-234)
  • Extensible to handle new capabilities
  • Profiles (subset of features satisfying typical use cases for a given market segment) will allow market segement targeting

OpenSL ES fills a void in the audio API arena by enabling standardized, cross-platform access to a native platform’s audio capabilities — not something that APIs such as OpenAL or ALSA were designed to do. OpenSL ES defines standardized access to both basic and advanced features such as MIDI playback and 3D positional audio on any device and operating system and is extensible by implementers to take advantage of emerging audio capabilities. OpenSL ES also provides a portable foundation for implementing the audio portions of higher-level APIs such as JSR 135 and JSR 234.

More info: The Khronos Group