Fujitsu MB91470 Motor Control Kit

The A91470-MOTOR-Kit, from Fujitsu Microelectronics, is a motor control starter kit that supports development with the MB91F479 32-bit RISC microcontroller for industrial applications. The kit is ideal for driving a 3-phase brushless DC motor (BLDC) or permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) found in washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other consumer white goods. The kit simplifies the evaluation and implementation of the MB91F479, reducing design cycle time and enabling faster time-to-market. The new motor control starter kit is available now at $650 each.

Fujitsu Microelectronics MB91470 Motor Control Kit - A91470-MOTOR-Kit

BLDC Motor Control Kit Features

  • Supports Fujitsu’s MB91470 Series MCUs in the FPT-144P-M12 package
  • Flexible power supply voltage system, external, USB power option
  • 5V on-board voltage regulator on MCU Board
  • Power-LEDs for supply voltage
  • Onboard voltage supervisor monitors supply voltage
  • In-Circuit serial Flash programming via UART0
  • All resources available for evaluation
  • All MCU pins routed to connectors
  • A 34-pin connector for all the relevant PWM and analog signals and to provide the MCU/Inverter board connection
  • A connector for Hall sensor and quadrature encoder input
  • 10 MHz main crystal
  • Three RS232 interfaces are usable simultaneously
  • 8 User LEDs
  • 1x RS232 – USB Transceiver (USB connector)
  • LEDs for PWM output
  • Over-current and over-voltage detection with LED
  • Reset button, Reset LED
  • 4 user buttons + NMI + DTTI test buttons, 3 user potentiometers used for Motor operation
  • Includes BLDC Motor

More info: MB91470 Family Motor Control Kit (pdf)