Reference Design for Video Surveillance Applications

Conexant Systems and Maxim Integrated Products jointly developed a reference design for PC-based video surveillance products with digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. The new reference design is based on Conexant’s CX25853 multi-port video decoders and CX258521 media bridge. It also includes Maxim’s MG3500 H.264 video compression solution, which increases recording capacity on DVRs and supports multiple channels of low-latency, full D1 video. The reference design supports up to 16 channels of real-time capture and compression. The reference design uses Lattice Semiconductor’s ECP2 FPGAs to perform key video format conversions.

The Conexant CX25853 is an eight-channel video decoder that enables multiple analog video streams to be captured and displayed simultaneously. Key features include the capability to acquire low-level video signals, horizontal and vertical scaling, and hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast controls. In addition, the high-density architecture lowers per-channel costs by approximately 35 percent, and substantially reduces board space requirements compared to using two separate four-channel devices.

The CX25821 media bridge enables multi-channel, bi-directional uncompressed digital audio and video transfers to a host computer for preview, processing, or compression through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface. The CX25821 also acts as a bridge for compressed H.264 data from the MG3500 to the host via PCIe.

The Maxim MG3500 video codec supports de-interlacing and full D1 resolution, high profile, H.264 video encoding for the highest quality recording. It also simultaneously decodes video streams and combines multiple video images for viewing on high-definition displays. The MG3500′s extremely low power consumption helps guarantee system reliability.

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