IEEE 1801 Standard for Design and Verification of Low Power ICs

The IEEE has approved a new IEEE 1801 standard for Design and Verification of Low Power Integrated Circuits. The standard is also known as Unified Power Format (UPF) 2.0. UPF (first developed by Accellera) and is currently supported by multiple vendors and is in use worldwide. This is the first time that UPF has undergone an IEEE standardization effort. The IEEE 1801 standard provides portability of low-power design specifications that can be used with a variety of commercial products throughout an electronic system design, analysis, verification and implementation flow. Enhancements to UPF in the new standard include support for bias supplies (N-well, P-well, Deep-N-Well, and Deep-P-Well), greater flexibility and capabilities in specification of power states, and enhanced semantic capabilities for merged power domains.

More info: IEEE Standards Association