Analog-Mixed Signal Draft 1 Standard Teleconference

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) will host an open teleconference to present, discuss, and review the Analog-Mixed Signal (AMS) Draft 1 standard. The public review period ends March 31st. The teleconference will include a discussion on the motivation behind the standardization of AMS extensions followed by an introduction of the standard and language reference manual (LRM). The session concludes with an open question and answer period.

The AMS draft 1 standard was developed by the OSCI AMS working group. The standard features unique capabilities for the design and modeling of embedded analog/mixed-signal applications at various levels of design abstraction. These AMS extensions will provide a uniform and standardized modeling approach, which can be used in combination with digitally-oriented ESL design methods, supporting a design refinement methodology for functional modeling, architecture exploration, and virtual prototyping of embedded analog/mixed-signal systems.

Open Teleconference for AMS Draft 1 Standard
Tuesday, March 24
17:00-19:00 Central Europe (USA: 12-2:00 pm Eastern, 9-11:00 am Pacific)

More info: AMS Discussion Forum and Teleconference