AXISLib-CL Signal and Vector Processing Library

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms introduced their AXISLib-CL Signal and Vector Processing Library. AXISLib-CL is a linkable software library that enables developers to build DSP and vector math algorithms from a suite of library functions. AXISLib-CL supports a range of processors (including those from Freescale and Intel). The library provides application portability and reduces development time. AXISLib-CL is ideal for applications like radar, sonar, SIGINT, and medical imaging.

AXISLib-CL extends the capabilities of GE Fanuc’s Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environmen by providing platform-independent DSP and mathematical functions. This enables developers to begin work on application software ahead of the identification, testing and procurement of the target hardware platform, substantially reducing time to deployment.

AXISLib-CL offers a new generic implementation of the AXISLib DSP and Math Libraries, allowing development and modelling of AXIS DSP and math applications without the need for embedded hardware, thereby reducing initial funding requirements.

The library features both the VSIPL and AXISLib-RSPL APIs. The AXISLib-RSPL API offers developer complete control over the data flow, data management and customization, providing rapid development of real-time application code, while ensuring that memory management is as efficient as possible. The module implements more than 450 vector, signal and image processing functions. AXISLib-CL also enables portability between operating systems (such as VxWorks, LynxOS, Linux, and Windows).

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