Synopsys Lynx Design System

Synopsys’ Lynx Design System is an automated environment for implementing chips. The Lynx Design System combines a production-proven RTL-to-GDSII design flow with productivity-enhancing features to accelerate chip development while mitigating the risks of designing at new process nodes. Lynx’s open architecture is optimized for rapid, out-of-the-box deployment with Synopsys’ Galaxy Design Platform and is inherently configurable to readily incorporate third-party technology. The Lynx Design System can be set up and fully operational for design teams within a week. Synopsys’ Lynx Design System is available now.

Full-chip Production Flow
The Lynx Design System features a flexible, fully integrated RTL-to-GDSII design flow that has been validated with over 100 customer tape-outs. Lynx incorporates the latest methodologies required for implementing 65 and 40 nanometer (nm) designs including aggressive low power techniques such as multi-corner multi-mode (MCMM), state-retention power gating (SRPG) and dynamic voltage frequency scaling (DVFS), as well as concurrent hierarchical design for managing large, complex designs. Lynx automates flow configuration and execution to improve the productivity of the design team.

Foundry-Ready System
Lynx features a Foundry-Ready System that accelerates the start of a chip’s implementation phase by pre-validating technology files and libraries for use in the flow. In addition, a hard IP checker enables designers to quickly validate incoming IP by performing standalone and interoperability testing with other design IP for faster implementation. The Foundry-Ready System, which is tuned to specific foundry process nodes and libraries, also incorporates process-specific checks and representative default settings for factors that impact manufacturability.

Runtime Manager
Lynx includes a Runtime Manager that automates the configuration and execution of the design flow to improve the productivity of the design team. The Runtime Manager is a GUI-based application that enables easy setup and validation of design flow variables and provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating and modifying the flow. Designers can monitor one or more design blocks concurrently as they progress through the design flow. The Runtime Manager can also be used in a batch mode to automate the build of a block or the entire chip.

Management Cockpit
Lynx’s Management Cockpit offers browser-based access to important project data captured automatically by Lynx as the design progresses through the design flow, and an intuitive GUI-based tool for generating customized reports of the current design status against specified goals. Direct visibility into key project statistics and associated trend data from any web browser not only helps managers at all levels better predict when to expect design closure, it also facilitates data-driven decisions throughout the project to make the best use of personnel and compute resources.

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