Mentor Graphics FloEFD for Simulating Electronics Cooling

FloEFD (Engineering Fluid Dynamics) v9.0, from Mentor Graphics’ Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics), is a product suite for the simulation and analysis of electronics cooling applications. The CAD-Embedded application integrates with all popular MCAD design solutions to enable mechanical designers to easily analyze sophisticated electronic products, including those with complex geometries. The FloEFD Suite includes FloEFDPro and FloEFDV5 for support of PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and Dassault Systemes CATIA V5 platforms. The FloEFD suite is available now.

Mentor Graphics FloEFD (Engineering Fluid Dynamics) - Flomerics

FloEFD offers a single environment to develop, analyze, and modify a complex electronic product design based on the original mechanical CAD model. Changes to the design are made directly and simply, thereby enabling users to conduct “what-if” analysis effortlessly. Products can be easily optimized for electronics cooling. Simulation models are easily and directly generated from the design database while in the MCAD environment, thus enabling a seamless, streamlined design flow for optimum designer productivity and accuracy.

FloEFD Highlights

  • Create heat transfer and fluid flow simulations directly from 3D CAD models, with no need for data translations or copies
  • Solve thermal problems in electronics enclosures with complex curvilinear geometry, including thin curved shells
  • Simulate advanced physical processes such as phase change in thermal interface materials; joule heating, etc
  • Solve complete conjugate heat transfer problems involving conduction, natural/forced or mixed convection, fully coupled with radiation effects if required
  • Access an extensive materials library
  • Use libraries of ready-to-run models for common parts such as fans, standard JEDEC components, and thermal interface materials (as supplied by Bergquist, Chomerics, Dow Corning, Fujipoly and Thermagon)
  • Simulate heat-sink designs with complex shapes
  • Simulate thermo-electric coolers (TECs) and heat pipes directly

More info: FloEFD CAD-Embedded Electronics Cooling Simulation and Analysis