Carbon ARM Cortex Models

Carbon Design Systems announced models for ARM’s most advanced processor and interconnect components. The models will deliver implementation-level accuracy for architectural decisions and pre-silicon firmware development. The newly released Carbon Models include implementation-accurate models for all variations of the ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore processor and PrimeCells, including the AMBA 3 Interconnect (PL301) matrix.

All Carbonized ARM technology-based models will feature debugger integrations for the software developer and hardware engineer as well as other features — such as semi-hosting, breakpointing and single-stepping. This enables them to seamlessly integrate with virtual platforms (such as Carbon’s SoC Designer to enable accurate architectural analysis and pre-silicon firmware development).

The ARM Model solutions enable designers to create an entire virtual platform composed of implementation-accurate components. Models include the Cortex-A9 Processor in configurations with one to four processors; the PL301 High-Performance Matrix; the PL310 L2 Cache Controller; the PL340 DDR Memory Controller; and the PL330 DMA Controller. Rounding out the list are the PL011 UART and PL190 Vectored Interrupt Controller.

ARM Model solutions are available to designers with and without access to ARM RTL code. All Carbonized ARM Models represent 100% of the implementation-accuracy of the RTL code. ARM Model solutions are available today for Carbon’s SoC Designer virtual platform and Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) SystemC.

More info: Eclipse Foundation