IMEC Ultra Thin Chip Package Technology

IMEC developed a new 3D integration process for flexible electronic systems. The new ultra-thin chip package (UTCP) technology produces a thickness of less than 60 micrometer. UTCP results in a complete systems on a conventional low-cost flex substrate. The integration process is ideal for low-cost, unobtrusive wearable electronics (such as wearable health and comfort monitoring).

With UTCP, the chip is thinned down to 25 micron and embedded in a flexible ultra-thin chip package. Next, the package is embedded in a standard double-layer flex printed circuit board (PCB) using standard flex PCB production techniques. After embedding, other components can be mounted above and below the embedded chip, leading to a high-density integration.

IMEC ultra-thin chip package (UTCP)The integration process uses UTCP interposers which solve the “Known Good Die” issue by enabling easy testing of the packaged thin dies before embedding. Expensive high-density flexible substrates can be avoided by the fan-out UTCP technology which relaxes the interconnection pitch from 100µm or lower to 300µm or more, compatible with standard flex substrates.

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