Pulsar Initiative for Mobile Application Development

The Eclipse Foundation introduced the Pulsar initiative to define and create a standard mobile application development tools platform. Pulsar will define a common set of Eclipse-based tools in a packaged distribution that will interoperate with the various handset SDKs. This will enable developers to stay within one familiar development environment while creating mobile applications that target multiple device families. The first release of Pulsar Platform is expected to be available at the end of June 2009 and will be part of the Eclipse Galileo annual release.

Pulsar Ynitiative Focus Areas

  • The creation of the packaged distribution called Eclipse Pulsar Platform
  • A technical roadmap to advance the capabilities of the platform
  • A set of best practices which includes documentation and test suites
  • Education and outreach to drive adoption of Pulsar with mobile application developers

Pulsar will support major mobile development environments such as JavaME, mobile Web technologies, and native mobile platforms. The Pulsar initiative is led by Motorola, Nokia, and Genuitec. Participating members also include IBM, RIM, and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.

More info: Eclipse Foundation