IP-Embedded Systems Conference Call for Papers

IP – ESC 2009 (IP-Embedded Systems Conference) has issued a call for papers. To present a paper during the conference, a summary is required. Engineers can also apply to present a seminar paper. Designers can submit an electronic version of the extended abstract in either Microsoft Word or PDF format. The deadline for submitting a paper summary is September 20, 2009.

IP and ESC 09 Topics

IP Best practice

  • Business models
  • IP Exchange, reuse practice and design for reuse
  • IP standards & reuse
  • Collaborative IP based design


  • IP packaging for Integration
  • IP and system configurability
  • IP platform based design
  • IP integration in NoC
  • DFM and process variability in IP design

Quality and verification

  • IP / SoC quality assurance
  • IP / SoC prototyping
  • IP / SoC verification and virtual prototyping
  • IP / SOC transaction level modelling

Architecture and System Validation

  • SoC embedded systems
  • Multi-processor platforms
  • HW/SW integration
  • System-level analysis
  • System-level virtual prototyping

Embedded Software

  • Language requirements
  • Compilation and code generation
  • Model-based and graphical development
  • Software analysis and debugging
  • Software quality and verification

Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems

  • Operating system requirements
  • Real-time determinism
  • Memory allocation
  • Real-time network architectures

More info: IP – ESC 2009 (IP-Embedded Systems Conference)