Geensys Reqtify 2009-1a

Reqtify 2009-1a is the latest version of Geensys’ tool for the automated management of embedded hardware and software requirements capture, traceability and impact analysis throughout the entire development lifecycle. Reqtify 2009-1a incorporates significant new, third-party interfaces for Enterprise Architect, CM Synergy and RTDS, brand new Eclipse JDT Interface and Tagger, an updated RIF 1.1 import/export gateway and an improved Word/PDF Tagger plug-in as well as various user-requested features and usability enhancements.

Enterprise Architecture Interface
The new EA interface enables design engineers to manage requirements and traceability data within the context of their EA-based UML designs. The bi-directional import/export capability enables them to see high-level requirements details from any source, creating and/or fulfilling them in the EA UML design and linking them to other project data to complete the overall requirements traceability in an intelligent way. The Real Time Developer Studio (RTDS) interface now enables design engineers to capture and manage both SDL and SDL-RT model structure in terms of high-level requirements traceability in Reqtify.

Reqtify Project Data Management
Reqtify 2009-1a users can now manage Reqtify project data with Configuration Management tools by applying the relevant CM system in project edition view. As a result, users can transparently perform check-in and check-out operations from Reqtify. Two CM systems are currently supported: CMSynergy and Clearcase. Additional systems will be added in the near future.

Eclipse JDT Interface and Tagger
The new Eclipse JDT Interface and Tagger enables users to easily manage the import/export of requirements within the JDT Environment. The XML-based Requirements Interchange Format (RIF) import/export gateway in Reqtify has also been enhanced with the announcement of Reqtify 2009-1a to include support for RIF version 1.1. Other existing Reqtify interfaces have also been updated in Reqtify 2009-1a providing support for the latest versions of complementary third-party tools including DOORS 9.1, Artisan Studio 7.0, Quality Center 9.2 and Subversion.

Reqtify 2009-1a Tagger Plug-in
The Reqtify 2009-1a Tagger plug-in has been updated. Now requirements attributes can be directly inserted into a Word document as they are defined. Reqtify 2009-1a also includes a range of user-requested enhancements designed to improve usability. These particularly relate to the find, marks, filter, document generation, re-loading and snapshot comparison functions.

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