Merchant ATCA Integrated Systems to Grow to $301.2 Million

According to VDC Research Group, the worldwide market for merchant ATCA integrated systems reached US$ 114.9 million in 2008. VDC expects the market will grow to US$ 301.2 million by 2012. The growth is projected to begin again in 2010. This is the time quoted by OEMs, Primes and ATCA suppliers surveyed by VDC Research when they believe that production orders will be let and higher volumes shipped. The ATCA integrated systems market is projected to grow marginally during the next 18 months. This is much better performance than most other embedded hardware markets. This superior performance is driven by the ability of OEMs and suppliers to arrive at ROI models that are both material and reasonable.

VDC Research Group - merchant ATCA integrated systems

The ATCA market today is still comprised by far greater merchant board shipment revenues than merchant integrated system shipment revenues. However, the integrated systems market is projected to close the gap by 2013, at which time the shipment values of the merchant ATCA boards and integrated systems markets will be close to even. This board-system revenue split will be viewed by many as a touchstone of sorts, as it will signal the fact that market acceptance of the ATCA architecture has passed a major gate.

More info: VDC Research Group