Microchip Technology Motor Control Workshops

Microchip Technology is offering two six-hour workshop series on the latest motor-control solutions and Microchip’s tools. One workshop series is focused on sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) motors and the other is on sensorless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs). Both motor-control workshops are offered for $99 each. Tools are provided to attendees for the duration of the workshop, and discounts for purchasing the tools used in the workshop will be available to attendees.

The Sensorless BLDC Control With Back-EMF Filtering Using a Majority Function Workshop
BLDC series support the BLDC motor. Many designers with stepper-motor experience are looking to expand their horizons by incorporating BLDC motors into their products. This workshop features the sensorless majority function algorithm, which digitally filters the Back-Electromotive Force (BEMF) generated by the non-commutated windings to calculate rotor position, eliminating the need for comparators and position sensors. An in-depth analysis of Microchip’s BLDC Motor Control algorithms and an overview of the dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSC) motor-control peripherals is also provided. Finally, attendees will use the new Real-Time Data Monitor (RTDM) integrated into Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment to modify algorithms and control the motor via a graphical interface.

BLDC Workshops

  • 3/4 – Southern Cal
  • 3/12 – Tulsa
  • 3/24 – Toronto
  • 5/6 – Boston
  • 5/7 – Cleveland
  • 5/13 – Baltimore
  • 5/28 – San Jose
  • 6/17 – Detroit

The Sensorless Field Oriented Control for PMSM Motors Workshop
PMSM series support the adoption of PMSM motors, which are renowned for their power efficiency, small size and high performance at low motor speeds. This motor type is gaining widespread attention as cost-sensitive applications migrate from brushed DC motors to achieve smaller size, improved efficiency and longer life. Motors driving hydraulics or gears, when replaced with direct-drive PMSM motors, report better performance and efficiency at reduced weight and size. Microchip’s PMSM Workshop features the Field-Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm, which is considered a top-performing method for maximizing efficiency and performance. This workshop is designed to guide attendees through PMSM construction and its control. Through practical exercises, attendees gain familiarity with Microchip tools and the sensorless FOC algorithm for PMSM motors. Microchip’s factory applications engineers are scheduled to conduct the March workshops for PMSMs.

PMSM Workshops

  • 3/17 – Houston
  • 3/18 – San Jose
  • 3/19 – Southern Cal
  • 3/24 – Chicago
  • 3/25 – Boston
  • 3/26 – Toronto

More info: Learn How to Control Sensorless BLDC or PMSM motors