Artisan Workbench

Artisan Workbench is a fully integrated, collaborative engineering framework for the trouble-free deployment and maintenance of best-in-class tools for mission and safety-critical embedded systems and software development. Artisan Workbench is based on an open, plug-and-play architecture with a multi-user repository. The workbench reduces costs by enabling tool-independent standard processes to be deployed in a single environment. It facilitates better collaboration by enabling data to be directly shared and linked between the various integrated tools. Artisan Workbench can be easily configured for an organization’s own operational processes, IT Infrastructure and tools and its ability to standardize across an engineering organization creates economies of scale, minimizes risk, exploits tool technology and utilizes common standards.

Artisan Workbench Features

  • Rich, multi-level traceability
  • Sophisticated and configurable document generation
  • Document and design review tools and processes
  • Artifact grouping and re-use
  • Searching, browsing and opening
  • Version control
  • Change tracking
  • Role and access management

Data only needs to be entered once with Artisan Workbench. The data is managed with all project artifacts contained within the multi-user repository and displayed in a project browser, irrespective of the specific tool that created it. Artisan Workbench achieves this through a unique set of inter-tool features which include rich, multi-level traceability and on-demand impact analysis without the need for point-to-point integrations, adaptive and configurable document and report generation, and automatic artifact re-use management that ensures that only master versions of artifacts are modified and that their impact is minimal, easily identifiable and indicated to all projects that are using them. Other benefits include the automation of time-consuming tasks such as version control, change tracking and auditing, quick and easy project start-up with only a few simple steps required to define a new project, and built-in configuration management avoids the need for third-party tools for item check-in and check-out and enabling Artisan Workbench to manage the configuration of tool data behind the scenes.

More info: Artisan Workbench