Express Logic ThreadX RTOS 5.2

Express Logic released version 5.2 of the ThreadX RTOS. The latest version features increased speed, dynamic event filtering, expanded event trace, SMP enhancement, and a significant reduction in global memory requirements. ThreadX V5.2 now scores top marks with 7,853,195 iterations, a 13.3% performance increase from the previous version. ThreadX V5.2 is available immediately from Express Logic, with full source-code, royalty-free licenses starting at $12,500 (US).

ThreadX 5.2 reduces its minimal RAM requirements for global memory, bringing the minimal RAM requirement of ThreadX to only 364 bytes. This tiny footprint is ideal for SoC applications, where memory resources are extremely limited and where ThreadX traditionally has been widely used. All ThreadX architectures and tools versions now support Express Logic’s TraceX graphical event analysis tool that helps developers visualize the behavior of their real-time systems. ThreadX developers using Green Hills MULTI development tools are no longer limited to Green Hills’ EventAnalyzer, but now can also elect to use TraceX.

With ThreadX V5.2′s new ability to provide dynamic event filtering, each category of events can be enabled or disabled dynamically, allowing the developer to focus on a particular sub-set of events. Event filtering reduces the clutter of unnecessary events, allowing more pertinent events to be logged and displayed, so developers are able to quickly find the most relevant information for their current investigation. ThreadX V5.2 also offers a generic SMP framework, making ThreadX more portable to new multicore environments. Currently, the ThreadX/SMP version for the MIPS 34K takes full advantage of this new SMP foundation in ThreadX V5.2.

More info: Express Logic