GNAT Pro 6.2 Ada Development Environment

AdaCore introduced GNAT Pro 6.2 Ada development environment. The latest release is now available on 18 native and 28 cross platforms. It offers over 130 new features, including increased support for code coverage and source-to-object traceability, which are important for safety-critical and high-reliability application development. GNAT Pro 6.2 is available immediately on most supported platforms.

GNAT Pro 6.2 Highlights

  • Enhanced Tools
    As an example GNATcheck, a coding standard checker, now supports additional verification rules that are especially useful to teams developing high-reliability software.

  • GNAT Ada Java Interfacing Suite (GNAT AJIS)
    GNAT AJIS allows users to combine natively compiled Ada code with Java applications that run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), through the Java Native Interface (JNI). Using GNAT AJIS, Java code can call natively-compiled Ada, and Ada programs can call Java, in a type-safe manner and without the need for users to write low-level JNI-based “glue” code.

  • GNAT Components Collection (GNATcoll)
    GNATcoll is a suite of reusable software components comprising packages that AdaCore developed for the implementation of the GNAT compiler and toolset but which are of general utility.

  • GPS 4.3 GNAT Programming Studio IDE
    GPS 4.3 allows use of multiple versions of the same toolchain, for example an older baselined version of the GNAT Pro compiler for code generation, and a newer version of the GNAT Pro technology for code browsing. The redesigned builder module enables full customisation, aiding development flexibility, and the improved documentation generator includes support for predefined and user-defined tags.

More info: AdaCore