TI SwitcherPro Design Software for Designing Power Supplies

Texas Instruments rolled out the latest version of their SwitcherPro Design Software. SwitcherPro Online or Desktop Design Software enables engineers to design power supplies with Texas Instruments TPS40K controllers, TPS60xxx low-power DC/DC converters and SWIFT (TPS54xxx) point-of-load step-down DC/DC products. SwitcherPro can be used for creating, managing, and sharing custom designs.

The SwitcherPro Design Software is available for free as both a web-based tool and desktop application. Engineers can download the SwitcherPro DT application to their desktop, save their work on their own system and work completely offline. The SwitcherPro DT application has all of the parts and power of TI’s online tool with a familiar desktop interface.

The tool features EVM designs for reference or starting points of custom designs. In addition, passive components such as inductors and CICLON MOSFETs are now included in both the online and desktop applications. The desktop application now allows more flexibility in creating designs since there is no need to be connected to the internet. Design and go at your own pace.

Key Features

  • Downloadable desktop application
  • Calculate efficiency, loop responses and stress for all key components
  • Customize all components by selecting them from a built-in parts database
  • View and output a full parts list on the bill of materials (BOM) page
  • Explore changes in multiple parameters using the what-if analysis design calculator
  • Share designs with other SwitcherPro users
  • View and modify existing EVM designs
  • Use passive components, such as inductors and TI’s NexFET(TM) power MOSFETs

More info: SwitcherPro Online and Desktop Design Creator and Management Software