Atmel AT91CAP9A Ultra Wideband Evaluation Kit

Atmel introduced the AT91CAP9A UWB Evaluation Kit. The ultra wideband kit is for the development of UWB applications built around the AT91CAP9 ARM926EJ-S-based Customizable Microcontroller. The AT91CAP9A UWB Evaluation Kit consists of UWB Video Streaming Application Software and two AT91CAP9A Development Kits (one for transmission and the other for reception). Each AT91CAP9A kit features three associated boards (Motherboard, Mezzanine, and 3.3V Memory Extension), a CAP9 UWB PHY Transmitter Board, and a CAP9 UWB PHY Receiver Board. The AT91CAP9A UWB Evaluation Kit is available now and priced at US $8,000.

The AT91CAP9A UWB Evaluation Kit interfaces with a PC running industry standard ARM development tools for system development and debug. This enables parallel hardware/software development that significantly reduces the development time for the application. When the system has been fully debugged, the UWB MAC and application-specific logic are re-mapped into the MP block of a customized CAP, providing a complete UWB transceiver system based on a small part count. This low-cost, medium-volume UWB solution is ideal for wireless medical systems and similar applications.

More info: AT91CAP9A UWB Evaluation Kit