Rubix Clock Concurrent Optimization Tool

Rubix, from Azuro, is a clock concurrent optimization tool. Rubix combines the separate design flow steps of physical optimization and clock tree synthesis (CTS) to deliver up to 20% increases in chip speed and reduces time to market. Rubix leverages the same flow integration interface used by Azuro PowerCentric. Rubix is in limited availability to select Azuro customers, with general availability scheduled for April.

Azuro Rubix Clock Concurrent Optimization Tool

Rubix Benefits

  • Up to 20% increase in chip speed
  • Accelerated time to market and streamlined migration to 45nm and below
  • Reduced peak IR-drop

Clock concurrent optimization (CC-Opt) is a new approach to timing optimization which merges physical optimization with CTS and bases all optimization decisions on a true propagated clocks model of timing. Using CC-Opt clocks are not balanced, but are built directly to deliver the best possible timing picture post-CTS in the design flow. CC-Opt makes clock buffering decisions concurrently with sizing and placing logic cells, thereby allowing any timing problem to be fixed either on clock paths or on logic paths, whichever is most efficient. By extending timing optimization to operate on both clocks and logic at the same time, CC-Opt is able to exploit significant new degrees of freedom to increase achievable chip speed and accelerate time to market.

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