Blaze DFM Merges with Tela Innovations

Tela Innovations has acquired Blaze DFM. Blaze DFM’s complete line of products and technologies (including Blaze MO power-optimization technology) will be added to the Tela product line. Key engineers from Blaze DFM will join Tela Innovations. Tela will also fully support and enhance TSMC’s PowerTrim Service and expand the relationship with TSMC. PowerTrim Service provides TSMC customers with a solution that blends Blaze DFM’s design technology with special tuned advanced semiconductor processes to improve power consumption.

Blaze DFM’s patented technology reduces leakage power by as much as 50% in the logic portion of chip designs targeting sub-100nm process technologies. Both Tela’s and Blaze DFM’s solutions support design and process co-optimization. The Tela solution uses fixed, pre-defined physical topologies on a global basis to implement logic design that is optimum for the lithography used in a given process. The Blaze technology provides a capability to further optimize each transistor of a design to achieve timing and power objectives.

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