Certess Certitude-C Functional Qualification Tool

Certess introduced Certitude-C functional qualification software for designers developing SoCs or integrating intellectual property (IP) blocks using C. Certitude-C features ANSI C support and allows functional qualification of both reference models and high-level representations of designs written in C. Certitude-C enables qualification of the verification environment earlier and more efficiently than was previously possible. Identifying bugs and other issues at the C level decreases both the time and cost of eliminating them, resulting in faster design times and lower overall costs. Certitude-C is the first design tool to offer C-level functional qualification. Certitude-C is available now, with pricing starting at US $70,000 per year.

Certess Certitude

Certitude-C functional qualification can help rapidly find and correct weaknesses in functional verification, allowing functional bugs in ANSI C models to be found, and it can be used to objectively measure the quality of the verification of IP blocks written in C for high-level synthesis. This complements the qualification using RTL code, which is only available later in the design flow and runs more slowly. The availability of functional qualification for C models that can be compiled and run directly on a computer dramatically boosts the ability of the designer and verification engineer to ensure that the desired functionality has been properly verified.

Certitude-C is currently being integrated for reference model qualification at STMicroelectronics, and is used in conjunction with other high-level synthesis flows, such as Synfora’s PICO Extreme and Mentor Graphics’ Catapult C Synthesis.

More info: Certess Certitude