Jasper Design Activation Services

Jasper Design Automation is offering Design Activation Services to help design houses and commercial IP vendors. The new service consists of specialized consulting to deliver an Activated Design (an executable design database) for a particular design block, several blocks, or an entire library. Design Activation Services leverage Jasper’s ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing.

Jasper’s Design Activation Services help companies reduce fixed costs through outsourcing. The benefits of using Activated Designs for legacy design reuse include acceleration of time to market; saving valuable engineering time and resource costs; reducing risk by leveraging proven design blocks; and higher ROI on IP design work that has already been done, with costs amortized over more projects. The key benefits of an Activated Design for commercial IP include easier IP comprehension for ease of integration; more rapid IP adoption and proliferation; lower learning costs for the IP user; and lower support costs for IP vendors.

Jasper’s Design Activation Services is currently available worldwide, and prices are quoted on a per block basis, with unlimited users. An ActiveDesign license is required to employ the Activated Design database. With this license, users can comprehend, safely modify, and retarget the RTL design for new uses over the life of the design, and its derivatives.

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