2008 Embedded Integrated Computer Systems Research

According to VDC Research Group’s recent report, 2008 Embedded Integrated Computer Systems (EICS), embedded computer systems revenue in the communications vertical segment was responsible for the largest share of the total embedded integrated computer systems market. The VDC report covers the market for embedded computer systems sold as integrated system-level products across vertical market segments. The communications vertical, which consists largely of captive systems produced by large network equipment providers (NEPs) — such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia-Siemens Networks and Nortel — was over US$ 44.1 billion in 2007 and US$ 47.2 in 2008.

2008 Embedded Integrated Computer Systems (EICS) - VDC Research Group

Captive EICS systems are embedded computer systems that are included or sold by the vendor in its own systems or subsystems. The vendor is usually an NEP or integrator and the systems or subsystems that they sell are end products, not compute platforms. Merchant EICS systems are embedded computer systems sold by a vendor whose primary end products are embedded compute platforms.

Embedded Integrated Computer Systems Highlights

  • Captive market represented 86.1% of the communications segment in 2008
  • Merchant systems are projected to grow to over 15.1% by 2012
  • ATCA and Bladed Servers will continue to grow, but more slowly than previous years

More information: VDC Research Group