Zazz SystemVerilog Tool for Assertion Libraries

Zazz, from Zocalo Tech, is a productivity tool for use with assertion libraries. The tool supports Accellera’s Open Verification Library (OVL) and Cadence’s Incisive Assertion Library (IAL). Zazz makes using assertion libraries quick and easy by automating the tedious error-prone tasks via an easy to use intuitive GUI. Zazz will be available beginning Q2 2009 on Red Hat and Suse Linux. List price is $4950 for a 1-year subscription supporting OVL. Introductory pricing through Q3 2009 is $2,950. Addition of the IAL support option is $500.

Zazz is a SystemVerilog based tool supporting any mix of Verilog 1995, Verilog 2001 and SystemVerilog files. Zazz operates in two modes. Single File mode is optimized for adding assertions checkers while the designer is defining the RTL code20and thinking about the requirements and constraints as the design progresses. No project setup is required providing the ability get in and out of Zazz from their editor with a single command. Project Mode extends the ability for binding checkers to multiple design elements and provides the structure to format all of the assertion documentation in a single customizable file for inclusion in the verification plan.

Zazz Process

  • The design is read in and automatically parsed for display
  • The user graphically selects the assertion of choice and attaches it to the appropriate design element in the design hierarchy view
  • Parameters with predefined valid values are entered from an enumerated drop down menu or custom defined without regard to sequence or format
  • Port expressions may be created quickly by selecting from a filtered list of signals available in the attachment scope of the design
  • All parameter and port expressions are dynamically parsed and elaborated to ensure their validity
  • The checker and associated parameter values and port connections are then automatically documented via Zazz’s auto-documentation capability

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