MontaVista Montabello for Mobile Internet Devices

MontaVista Software introduced Montabello, which is a Linux-based software platform for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Montabello featurees an integrated set of applications (such as web browser, document reader, email client, contact manager, and calendar suite). The platform is designed to give users of mobile internet devices an Instant ON, Always ON, Always CONNECTED user experience.

Montabello includes the required middleware and end-user applications needed for MIDs. By integrating the middleware and providing a fully customizable applications layer and user interface, MontaVista lets manufacturers focus on delivering a complete product, not investing scarce resources developing software infrastructure.

MontaVista Montabello Benefits

  • Instant ON: Fast OS boot with instant resume
  • Always ON: Optimized for battery life using dynamic power management
  • Always CONNECTED: Connection management with seamless roaming on Wi-Fi and 3G networks with Auto VPN, and fully integrated Bluetooth
  • Mobile application suite which includes a web browser, document reader, email client, contact manager, calendar and more
  • A rich application environment that leverages the extensive Linux software ecosystem with developer interfaces for the Linux and Java developer

More information: MontaVista Software