Practical Considerations for Embedded Wireless Design and Certification

Cypress Semiconductor is offering a webinar that addresses the challenges of embedded wireless design — including passing government certification tests. The 60-minute webcast, entitled “Practical Considerations for Embedded Wireless Design and Certification,” will take place on Wednesday, February 25 at 9:00 a.m. PST.

In the online seminar, Cypress and Artaflex will introduce a set of practical considerations for embedded wireless design and certification. The concepts can be applied in part or whole to any 2.4 GHz wireless project. The presenters will also describe best practices for obtaining government certifications in the U.S., Canada and Europe. In addition, the webinar will introduce a design path that can save time through the use of pre-certified RF modules and Cypress’s CyFi Low-Power RF solution.


We are in the midst of a wireless revolution. 2.4 GHz low-power RF technologies have become fast and power efficient enough that the adoption of wireless communications is more widespread than ever before. Consumers are realizing that wireless capabilities can improve their lives through increased productivity, mobility, and the conservation of energy. From Bluetooth headsets to Industrial Process Monitoring/Automation, the trend motivates electronics designers to look toward 2.4 GHz low-power RF solutions for embedded wireless control and connectivity as a way to differentiate and improve their products. Despite the plethora of wireless options, they immediately run into barriers like power, reliability, range and the basic problem that RF is challenging to design with. Cypress is committed to helping you overcome these barriers.

More information: Cypress Embedded Wireless Systems Webinar