PacketVideo OpenCORE 2.0 Multimedia Sub-system for Android

PacketVideo (PV) introduced OpenCORE 2.0 multimedia sub-system for Android. OpenCORE provides the essential media features for device development and enables playing and streaming of standard formats, recording of images and video, and more. The new video telephony features a two-way engine for circuit switched video telephony, enabling video telephony applications based on the 3G-324M protocol. OpenCORE 2.0 also supports encoders using the industry-supported OpenMAX IL API, which enhances the ability to take advantage of available multimedia hardware acceleration to achieve the best possible performance.

Typical integration with OpenMAX IL core involves an entire set of audio and video codes. Now, with OpenCORE 2.0, the process is simplified and multiple OpenMAX cores can more easily coexist and function within the multimedia framework, making it easier and faster to add support for new devices and chipsets while extending the reach of Android.

In addition, OpenCORE 2.0 includeswider support of runtime-loadable components, which makes it easier to add new capabilities through stand-alone plugins. It features an improved media clock implementation to simplify the A/V synchronization and other timer-based logic, incorporation of improvements from interoperability testing, and performance and security improvements.

More information: PacketVideo (PV)