Stantum SMK-4.3 Series Multi-Touch Development Kit

Stantum Technologies announced their SMK-4.3 series of multi-touch demo, evaluation. and development kits. SMK-4.3 enables vendors and OEMs to evaluate the performance of Stantum’s technology and develop their own multi-touch applications. SMK-4.3 features a 4.3-inch touch panel. The demo is based on a beta version of Touch Park, Stantum’s new multi-touch framework. It simulates a mobile device user interface demonstrating Stantum’s multi-touch performance in various types of applications, such as address book, drawing, picture resize, and gaming.

SMK series demo, evaluation, and development kits offer the optical performance and soft touch of a capacitive touch screen and the versatility and low cost of resistive touch screens.

SMK-4.3 Features

  • Stantum’s patented PMatrix, which is a resistive multi-touch detection platform (now with finger-pressure detection) that lets users simultaneously move an unlimited number of fingers, fingernails or utensils (such as styli) on a screen
  • Hardware kit made of a resistive-based touch-screen sensor, a multi-touch controller board with a USB connection to the application host processor
  • Drivers for Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems

More information: Stantum Technologies