Micron NANDcode Software for Mobile Handset Designers

NANDcode, from Micron Technology, is a suite of NAND software solutions for mobile handset designers looking to simplify the development process of NAND technology into their applications. NANDcode supports all major mobile operating systems — including Windows Mobile 6, Linux, and Symbian. The tool is optimizedfor Micron’s ONFI-standard single-level cell (SLC) NAND technology. NANDcode software is ideal for mobile applications and consumer applications (such as GPS systems).

The NANDcode software contains an advanced flash translation layer (FTL) and flash drivers. The FTL extends the lifespan of the NAND by employing advanced wear leveling techniques to evenly allocate the data throughout the NAND. The flash drivers work closely with the device’s processor to deliver greater performance through data caching schemes and dual-plane operations. The NANDcode software also contains unique security features that allow the NAND flash to restrict access to certain sensitive pieces of information held within the device that are very well suited for mobile applications.

More information: Micron Mobile Engineering Services