NanoScope Pattern-Based OPC Acceleration Tool

NanoScope Pattern-Based OPC Accelerator (POA), from Anchor Semiconductor, is an easy-to-adopt optical proximity correction acceleration tool that will significantly shorten OPC cycle time and reduce OPC tool license usage through its proprietary pattern-centric approach. The tool analyzes design space geometry information to create a unique pattern library and reuses OPC data for matched patterns in the library to improve performance efficiency. The tool does not require additional work on OPC models and recipes so that adoption is simplified. NanoScope POA is available now for customer evaluation. The tool runs on the Linux operating system, with no special hardware requirements.

Anchor Semiconductor NanoScope Pattern-Based OPC Acceleration Tool

NanoScope POA Features and Benefits

  • POA provides users at least 10 times of performance gain for logic designs over conventional model-based OPC flow. More performance gains are expected for designs with highly repeated cells and patterns
  • By adopting NanoScope POA, high volume production users of OPC tool can easily cut the baseline tool usage by 50% or more
  • POA produces more consistent OPC results comparing with conventional model-based flow. It guarantees same patterns have same OPC corrections, which overcomes OPC convergence issues and makes tight CD budget easily achievable
  • Seamless 3rd party OPC tool integration
  • OPC accuracy is guaranteed by the input post-OPC designs generated from 3rd party baseline OPC tools
  • Fast pattern matching and retrieving with highly efficient data structures of OPC pattern library
  • OPC pattern library can be built up in incremental approach to avoid tape-out crunch
  • Easy and effective OPC pattern library database management utilities
  • Tool performance is linear scalable up to hundreds of CPUs
  • No special hardware needed to handle TB pattern library

More information: Anchor Semiconductor