Mitsubishi Electric Graphical IP Core

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a high-speed and compact intellectual property (IP) core for graphical user interfaces (GUI). The IP core is targeted at built-in display systems for operating a variety of equipment. Mitsubishi Electric’s high-speed drawing algorithm enables the IP core to render text so that it is clearer and easier to distinguish, and to display graphics clearly with quick response and independent from their resolution. This technology enables built-in display systems to quickly display information on screen with universal-design visibility and readability.

Saffron Type System
Mitsubishi Electric has developed an IP core that can process the Saffron Type System, a software technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories to render clear and smooth outlines of text, even in a computer with a low memory capacity. This hardware also supports stroke font, which reduces the memory capacity needed per each font type to one-fourth that of previous outline fonts. In addition, with its rendering technology to optimize text depending on its shape, this IP core enables high-speed rendering of up to 80,000 Japanese TrueType font 48ppem texts per second when measured at 66MHz.

Sesamicro Vector Graphics Processing
Mitsubishi Electric has also developed Sesamicro a high-speed vector graphics processing IP core, using the company’s high-speed drawing algorithm that enables high-quality rendering. Sesamicro uses little CPU processing power to process graphics, thus enabling the IP core to show graphics on built-in displays with a CPU operating frequency of approximately 50MHz at a higher speed than a computer fitted with a 2GHz CPU.

Compact Circuit
The compact logic circuit, optimized to fit the drawing algorithm, has a minimum gate count of 100 kilo gates. This development makes the IP core small enough to incorporate it at a low cost in field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and LSIs made for built-in display systems.

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