inFact Intelligent Testbench Automation Tool Supports OVM 2.0

The inFact intelligent testbench automation tool, from Mentor Graphics, now supports Open Verification Methodology (OVM 2.0). The inFact tool uses systematic algorithms, which allow it to rapidly produce unique, non-redundant test cases. When broad test coverage is important, the inFact tool’s ability to move linearly towards coverage closure can reduce test repetition by 10x, providing more complete test, more quickly.

The inFact tool provides plug-and-play interoperability with OVM compliant verification components and sequences, allowing easy creation of intelligent testbenches. OVM sequences provide a powerful modular mechanism for users to describe interesting series of stimulus transactions in a reusable way. Sequences are defined outside the component hierarchy, presenting a straightforward way to develop both directed and constrained-random test cases, without the test writer needing to know the details of how the underlying testbench was developed. Sequences are also hierarchical, so they easily model layered protocols and can also control the interactions of other sequences.

The inFact tool sequences may be used to augment or replace user-developed sequences in OVM, adding even more horsepower to your verification. When coupled with a methodology like OVM, that ties all the tools together, inFact accelerates coverage closure, reduces common verification headaches, and frees up resources to focus on more ambitious verification plans and higher levels of functional coverage.

More information: Mentor Graphics | Open Verification Methodology (OVM)