Analog FastSPICE Nano SPICE Simulator

Analog FastSPICE Nano (AFS Nano), from Berkeley Design Automation, is the fastest SPICE simulator for block-level verification. AFS Nano delivers foundry-certified true SPICE accuracy for DC, AC, transient, and Monte Carlo analyses, and it is available immediately for only $1,900 (one year time-based license). AFS Nano enables designers to work twice as efficiently and perform more rigorous characterization at a fraction of the price. AFS Nano verifies blocks with up to 5,000 elements, delivering guaranteed golden SPICE waveforms 5x-10x faster than traditional SPICE for even moderately sized blocks (e.g., over 1,000 elements and 1-hour runtime). Available on Linux and Solaris platforms, AFS Nano seamlessly integrates into existing design flows, runs standard SPICE netlists and models, and produces standard SPICE outputs.

Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Nano SPICE Simulator

Analog FastSPICE Nano Features

  • Netlist Compatibility
    • Compatible with industry-standard SPICE netlists
    • VCD for simulation stimulus
  • Model Support
    • Gummel-Poon, HICUM, Mextram, VBIC
    • MOS1, JFET, Diode, Juncap
    • Verilog-A, s-parameter, w-element
  • Outputs
    • PSF ASCII, PSF binary, tr0, FSDB
    • Nutmeg ASCII, Nutbin, Nutbinf
  • Integration
    • Leading Custom Design Environment
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux or Solaris

More information: Berkeley Design Automation